Natural Deodorant Adjustment Period

Natural Deodorant Adjustment Period

The Natural Deodorant Adjustment Period

The choice to use a 100% natural deodorant is a better one but it is a different one than you may have been used to.

If you are switching from a conventional deodorant or antiperspirant to a natural deodorant for the first time you may find that you need time to adjust. This is not always the case and most people make the switch without any problem.

Depending on the deodorant or antiperspirant products you have been previously using, your body may need time to expel the chemicals and additives used in your old deodorant which your body has become accustomed to. 


Different Formula

The Earth Conscious range is extremely effective against body odour yet suitable for those with sensitive skin. We also offer a stronger protection formula that is suitable for those wanting the maximum protection and we would advise that those with sensitive skin try the milder formula first.

Vegan Natural Deodorant Strong Protection

There is also our Delicate Formulation for those looking for a natural deodorant for sensitive skin.


Finding the perfect scent.

Everyone is different so finding your preferred scent is something unique to you as is how much you need to apply and how frequently.

This can also change with the seasons and even the day depending on what is going on in your day. We have found that for women, *hormonal* perspiration is often more potent than physical perspiration and that we need more during that time of the month. We also believe that there are differences with stress or emotional sweat compared to physical sweat ie if you were at a workout in the gym.

We would recommend reading our FAQs but do get in touch if you have any further questions.

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