Benefits of Using a Natural Deodorant

There are many benefits of using natural deodorant over conventional deodorants and antiperspirants but quite simply put, switching to a natural deodorant is a healthier choice.

Why? Well, sweating is a natural bodily process performed for the purposes of keeping cool and removing toxins. The use of antiperspirants prevents this natural process from happening which doesn’t seem like a particularly good idea! Deodorant products may not stop sweating but there are many products that contain toxic ingredients which of course is counterproductive to the body’s natural process of removing them!

Detoxing your armpits and switching to a natural deodorant is a very good idea.

You’ll likely find the longer you refrain from using those toxin filled deodorants, the sooner your body will rebalance and you’ll have less issues with sweating and body odour anyway! Many of our customers report sweating and smelling less the longer they use our Earth Conscious natural deodorants.

Benefits of a Natural Deodorant

Other benefits of using natural deodorant at least the Earth Conscious Range is that they are kinder to the environment too. The natural ingredients pose no harm to marine life or the environment at large when washed away from the skin and if that wasn’t enough, the packaging we use is recyclable and plastic free.

Surprisingly to many there are actually financial benefits to switching to our natural deodorant too. A 60ml tin lasts at least one month and more commonly 3 months although some customers are reporting a year! It really is a very economical option.


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