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Finally, I found the time to read my copy of the MCSUK winter 2017 edition magazine and it leaves me feeling inspired to do more to raise awareness concerning the issues surrounding litter and plastic pollution of our seas.

Alongside colourful photography and stories of sea life, the MCS have included the results from their Great British Beach Clean 2017. Plastic and Polystyrene pieces were the top most found items. In second place, packets such as crisps and sandwich packets. The list goes on to include Glass, Cigarette Stubs, Caps & Lids, String, Cord, Wet Wipes, Cotton Bud Sticks, Fishing Line, Cutlery, Trays & Straws.

The way in which we humans consume is clearly showing up in our oceans and on our shores. Grabbing items on the go, purchasing cheap and more frequently all equates to a disposable lifestyle which creates excessive waste and pollution. Single use items are often used and disposed of within minutes and even seconds without thought as to what happens next. We need to re-look at the way we live and we need to start valuing and caring for our possessions giving consideration to the impact of our overall consumption.


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